Informationen about the API

Last Update: Monday, 15.10.2018


Sime REST API in JSON format with the current status of travel warnings for most countries. Returns the current situation as based on current information. For single countries or all at once. Further information about the data used can be found on the FAQ page. Data is updated daily and is available at 7.30 am German time (Timezone Germany/Berlin). A single request per day is sufficient.

Type of API

Should you need information for all countries, it is advised to request the api without parameters. You'll get a reply with all countries at once with the same degree of details as calling them individually.

Announcement: on the sibling-website (english only) I provide a paid API with much more granular data.

Calling the API


Optional parameter: country
ISO 2 Letter ciuntry code, eg. DE for Germany. See also: Wikipedia List of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes

Description of data structure

Structure Type Field Description
api_status Array Common information about the reply.
request Array Feedback on what was requested
item String (2) This is the coutnry requested
reply VarChar Technical feedback on the api reply
code Integer Equals to http status codes. 200 means ok, 404 we haven't found any data.
status VarChar A description of the status code.
count Integer Numebr of results in [data]
data Array This is the actual data. When there is only one result (e.g. when called with country code), [data] is directly populated with the fields described below. When all countries are requested, [data] is an array of arrays with the fields below. The key for each country is the official ISO Alpha 2 country code.
code Array 2-Letter Codes for country and continent
country String (2) ISO Alpha 2 country code
continent String (2) 2 Letter continent code
situation VarChar Details about the current situation
sources Integer Number of found sources
rating Float Current danger rating between 0 (no danger) and 5 (high danger)
updated Timestamp Last update of danger rating
lang Array Language related information
de Array Germany (equivalent [en] for English)
country VarChar Name of country
continent VarChar Name of continent
continent_info VarChar Additional info about continental region
url_details VarChar Url of the single country details page
advice VarChar Short summary of the status in natural language
en Array ...
... ...

Sample reply for a single country


    "api_status": {
        "request": {
            "item": "de"
        "reply": {
            "code": "200",
            "status": "ok",
            "note": "The api works, we could match requested country code.",
            "count": 1
    "data": {
        "code": {
            "country": "DE",
            "continent": "EU"
        "situation": {
            "sources": 1,
            "rating": "2.0",
            "updated": "2016-06-15 07:18:21"
        "lang": {
            "de": {
                "country": "Deutschland",
                "continent": "Europa",
                "continent_info": "Westeuropa",
                "url_details": "",
                "advice": "Reisen nach Deutschland sind weitestgehend sicher."
            "en": {
                "country": "Germany",
                "continent": "Europe",
                "continent_info": "Western Europe",
                "url_details": "",
                "advice": "Travelling Germany is (relatively) safe."



The api is free of charge, regardless of private or commercial use (except reselling). Should you use the data within a website or app, please use the url from the field "url_details" as source attribution (if countries are shown individually). You can pick the language that best suits you. Alternative, it is sufficient to just name with a general link back to the project.

Since it's a private project, I can take no warranty for correctness or uptime of the api. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ (see navigation) or contact me.