Current travel advisories for Benin

Last Update: Sunday, 15. December 2019 at 07:21

Travelling Benin is (relatively) safe.


Travel warnings for this region [to world map].

Current situation : 2 / 5

Benin is a country in Africa (Western Africa) with around 9 million citizens and a land mass of 112,620 km². We detected travel advisories from 3 sources for this country.

Bordering countries: 3.3 / 5

Benin shares land borders with 4 neighbouring states. For this country, the Danger Index is 3.3 (average value for all countries). All countries habe been reported as somehow dangerous: Niger (4.1), Burkina Faso (3.6), Nigeria with (3.1) and Togo with (2.3 of 5). See danger map of the region.

Single advisories / travel warnings

US American government

National warning: This advisory covers the whole country.

Brief summary:
Exercise normal precautions in Benin. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory. Reconsider Travel To: Park Pendjari, Park W and adjacent hunting zones, and other areas near Benin’s northern border with Burkina Faso, due to terrorism and kidnapping. Exercise Increased Caution In: Urban areas due to crime. Read the Safety and Security section on the country information page.

Danger level: 1


Canadian government

National warning: This advisory covers the whole country.

Brief summary:
The Canadian goverment suggests: Exercise a high degree of caution (with regional advisories)

Danger level: 2

Exercise a high degree of caution (with regional advisories).

Irish government

National warning: This advisory covers the whole country.

Brief summary:
High degree of caution

Danger level: 3

High degree of caution.

If there is more than one advisory/message of a single government for a given country, it indicates regional differences in means of security for your personal health and well-being. Single messages can indicate specific regions to be safer or less safe as mentioned in the main advisory. In these cases it's advisable to consult your own governments information.


Country information

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Basic facts

around 9 million
Covering landmass
112,620 km²
220V - 50Hz
Franc (XOF)
ISO 2-Letter Code
Phone prefix
Top Level Domain
Mobile frequencies (MHz)

Airports in Benin (extern)


Note of the displayed travel advisories
These trabel advisories are automatically gathered. We use the RSS Feeds of the corresponding authorities of the single countries. In some cases, we analyse the website itself. Since the information originates from different countries and different countries have different understanding of danger and danger levels. Thus, the information displayed is an automized and normalized representation with no right to completeness and correctness. If a country is not shown, it doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. The information shown if a first indicator.